From Procrastination to Action: Redefining My Priorities

From Procrastination to Action: Redefining My Priorities

Time is a precious commodity that often slips through our fingers without realizing it. Recently, I made a conscious decision to put an end to overthinking and to take decisive action. With only 24 hours a day, I spent a significant portion—between 3 to 5 hours—browsing the web and engaging in social media conversations. What I once perceived as a means of staying connected with friends had transformed into a role akin to that of a customer support portal, offering assistance without tangible benefits to my life. It is time for a change and to stop giving my time away for free. Excessive social media use was a roadblock to personal growth, and it was high time to shift my focus toward endeavors that truly mattered.

Reshaping Priorities: From Social Media to Real Life

I realized that there would be no room for personal development if I continued down this path of endless scrolling and virtual socializing. The countless hours spent responding to inquiries on social media were meaningless when I looked at the bigger picture of my life. It became apparent that I needed to reassess my priorities and redirect my energy toward meaningful contributions that could leave a lasting impact. I decided my time should be invested in real-life experiences, not virtual ones.

Embarking on the Ariark Webcomic Project

In 2015, I embarked on creating the Ariark webcomic project. It was a dream that had been brewing for quite some time. While I had spent countless hours contemplating, planning, and reevaluating, it was clear that the time for action had arrived. The first step towards bringing this project to life was to break free from the chains of procrastination. The ideas germinated too long, and I was determined to see them take shape.

Focusing on Toons Mag Development

Another priority on my list was the development of Toons Mag. This online platform held great potential, and I was eager to unlock its possibilities. It was time to allocate more energy and resources to make it a valuable and cherished place in the digital realm. The potential for creativity and expression on this platform was boundless and deserved my full attention and dedication.

Rebranding and Launching New Projects

I understood that personal growth and meaningful contributions often involved refreshing and revamping existing projects. Consequently, I committed to rebranding some of my ventures, injecting new life into them, and launching them with renewed vigor. The goal was to maximize their impact and ensure they aligned with my evolving life objectives.

In conclusion, I made a conscious choice to reshape my life by breaking free from the grasp of unproductive social media usage. Time is a finite resource, and allocating it to activities that hold significance and meaning was high time. The journey began with the Ariark webcomic project and a renewed focus on Toons Mag. 

Through these endeavors and the rebranding of existing projects, I aimed to make the most of my time, ensuring that my contributions to the world would be meaningful and enduring.


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