Celebrating 14 Years of Toons Mag: Championing Freedom of Expression

It's been 14 incredible years since Toons Mag, first graced the digital world on November 1, 2009. Founded to promote freedom of expression through cartoons, comics, caricatures, and articles, Toons Mag has become a global platform for artistic voices that transcend borders and language barriers.

Celebrating 14 Years of Toons Mag: Championing Freedom of Expression

A Community of Over 2,000 Strong

What started as an ambitious dream has now grown into a thriving community. Toons Mag has proudly hosted contributions from over 2,000 cartoonists and writers since its inception. These creative minds have passionately used their artwork and words to make a powerful statement about the importance of free expression.

Global Impact: 4 Million+ Monthly Pageviews

Toons Mag has transcended geographical boundaries, amassing over 4 million monthly page views. From 218 countries, people from all walks of life have come together to engage with the thought-provoking content and vibrant discussions this digital publication offers.

Championing Freedom: Our Core Values

Toons Mag holds three core values dear to its heart, values that define its identity and purpose:

  1. Freedom of Expression: We believe in the power of free expression. The ability to express one's thoughts and ideas openly is the cornerstone of a vibrant, democratic society. We discover new voices, innovative formats, and endless possibilities through creative freedom.
  2. Freedom of Information: Access to information should be a fundamental right. Cartoons, as a powerful form of communication, have the potential to educate, foster understanding, and document the world's significant events, both large and small.
  3. Freedom of Opportunity: We are dedicated to allowing everyone to be recognized and build their audience. How one chooses to express their creativity is entirely up to them.

Arifur Rahman ENK and The Freedom of Speech Foundation: A Solid Backing

Toons Mag is owned and operated by my company Arifur Rahman ENK, a sole proprietorship company based in Norway. It is also supported by The Freedom of Speech Foundation (Fritt Ord), Norway. This support has provided Toons Mag with the resources and support to continue promoting freedom of expression and the power of art. 

Introducing Cartoonist Network: Uniting Artistic Voices

As we celebrate our 14th anniversary, Toons Mag is excited to introduce Cartoonist Network, a sister platform that fosters artistic collaboration. This social network is designed for cartoonists to showcase their work, build artistic portfolios, and create a vibrant community of artists. Starting November 1, 2023, this network opens its doors to everyone who shares our passion for art and free expression.

To all art enthusiasts, creators, and freedom advocates, you are welcome to join Cartoonist Network and continue this incredible journey of artistic expression with us. Here's to 14 years of Toons Mag and many more of championing freedom, creativity, and unity.

Thank you for being a part of our story.


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