My Diary: Making Mistake

Actually, I want to spend my life to do something for arts and humanity.
I know very well that I am not perfect. Nothing is perfect, nor my language or arts nor me. But I try my best. Though the earth was always tough for me. No one of us is skilled or learned by born, we are all doing and learning. I know that I can do lots of mistakes if I try to do something new, I also know that I can also do my best job if I try, that is why I am not afraid to making some small mistakes. If I am always afraid to making mistakes then I can never start, it's mean I can never achieve the goal of my life.
About making mistake, I think if I make any mistakes and  I realize or somebody mentions it, then I can find the solution to fix it. I also think that if I make a mistake then I am the person who can correct it.

Here is my definition of the mistake: 
The mistake is a result of happened event or incident which is wrong, which we did or made by being misunderstood, accidentally or unconsciously.

I am sure above or below the sentences I did some grammatical mistakes. Because I am the beginner and not native English speaker.
I just trying to explain to you my thought with my own expression, if I was afraid to making a mistake, then my thought could be untold to you.
If you think I wrote something wrong or grammatically mistake which should be corrected, please let me know, I appreciate it and it will help me to improve my English.

I always appreciate that if anyone does something for me.

If somebody criticizes me, then I take it very seriously. If I find the logical reason then accept it otherwise just ignore it.
I think it is same for everyone that we learn by doing the mistake and good criticize motivate for the step forward.

Arifur Rahman
08.04.2017 Drøbak


  1. well done bhaia.that ia really precious & heartfelt writing from u.Actually it is possible for those people who r belong simply-city.


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