My Diary: Freedom of Expression

The word 'Freedom of Speech or Expression' defined itself what is the meaning of it and what is it stand for.
But I would like to share my thought with my own expression.
From my point of view, Freedom of Speech / Expression is a basic human right. This is a freedom to express the opinion in any form in any media being without force or sensor.

Freedom is a word which began with word 'Free', it doesn't mean it come for free. We fight for the rights and achieve the value of Freedom. It is a constitutional and cultural value.

The value of Freedom is always difficult to achieve and protect but easy to lose. It demands social awareness to understand the value and responsibility to protect it. Freedom of Speech or Expression is not just a written word which we just read and forget after that. It is the thing to understanding the value of Freedom of Speech and keeps establishing by practicing.
In some countries value of Freedom of Speech doesn't exist. At the same times, in some countries value of Freedom of Speech or Expression is higher than religious value.

If you plant a tree and don't give the freedom to grow up and you cut its branches. Ultimately it is not going to be a normal tree, it is going to be a bonsai tree.
We are not trees, we are human beings, but the principal is the same. As a human being, we all deserve the rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression. We are all free to think whatever we like to think, and we all have the rights to express our thoughts and opinions.

There is a word call ‘unlimited’. I think nothing is unlimited in this world. Everything has its own limited boundary. I think freedom also have limitation. Freedom doesn't mean that we are free to grab or destroy others person rights or property. We are the person who going to draw for our own boundary. Freedoms mean respect and responsibility, to self and to others.

Arifur Rahman
10.04.2017 Drøbak

PS. I am not native English speaker, so if you find the grammatical mistake which should be corrected, please let me know.
I always appreciate your kind feedback.


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