Happy 6 year Anniversary tOOns MaG!

Dear Friend,
tOOns MaG celebrated its 6 year anniversary on November 1, 2015. Thanks for all those wonderful years and the contribute to tOOns MaG!

Here’s to another great year!

tOOns MaG publishing in 5 different languages; EnglishBengali
ArabicSpanish and Hindi This year we are going to extending in one more language.

2739 cartoonist and writers are contributing in tOOns MaG.
As an online cartoon magazine tOOns MaG has been founded by ARIFUR RAHMAN on 1st November 2009 in Bangladesh.

1st of December 2010, tOOns MaG have been reorganized in Norway

tOOns MaG believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Our mission to establish FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION all over the world through cartoons.

And promotion of cartoons and cartoonists through internet.

Best of Online Activism Award 2015 winner in People's Choice for Bengali  category, Deutsche Welle, Germany

Our motto:
We believe in freedom of expression!
Express your artworks and yourself!

Best Regards. 
Arifur Rahman
Publisher, tOOns MaG


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