From Procrastination to Action: Redefining My Priorities

Time is a precious commodity that often slips through our fingers without realizing it. Recently, I made a conscious decision to put an end to overthinking and to take decisive action. With only 24 hours a day, I spent a significant portion—between 3 to 5 hours—browsing the web and engaging in social media conversations. What I once perceived as a means of staying connected with friends had transformed into a role akin to that of a customer support portal, offering assistance without tangible benefits to my life. It is time for a change and to stop giving my time away for free. Excessive social media use was a roadblock to personal growth, and it was high time to shift my focus toward endeavors that truly mattered. Reshaping Priorities: From Social Media to Real Life I realized that there would be no room for personal development if I continued down this path of endless scrolling and virtual socializing. The countless hours spent responding to inquiries on social media were meaningless

A Decade of Toons Mag: Promoting Freedom of Expression Through Cartoon Art

Art has always been influential in expressing thoughts, ideas, and emotions. When it intertwines with satire and social commentary, it can transcend aesthetics and become a potent tool for sparking conversations, challenging norms, and promoting freedom of expression . For over a decade, Toons Mag has been at the forefront of this creative movement, providing a platform for artists to freely express themselves through the colorful and thought-provoking medium of cartoons . Inception and Evolution In 2009, Toons Mag emerged as an innovative space where artists could fuse their creativity with societal critique. Its inception coincided with the digital world's beginning to connect people across borders, allowing for the rapid dissemination of ideas. Toons Mag harnessed this potential by giving artists from around the globe a unified platform to showcase their work. Amplifying Voices The essence of Toons Mag lies in its commitment to amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day Today is the 8th of March, International Women's Day. Woman gives birth; just think, if there was no womankind on Earth, it means there was no mankind. As a man, we should be respectful to our mothers, sisters, and love ones. I think equally, whatever our gender is, it is very important to be a good human being, affectionate and warm-hearted person. If we all become good human beings, then the entire world will be a peaceful place to live, then we can celebrate every day as a Women's day, Men’s day, Human’s day and Valentine's Day, and many more.   One of my drawings about the establishment of Women's Rights.